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The below white paper provides details on the technology landscape of water borne adhesives and its impact on the physical/chemical properties. It also highlights the various applications of the adhesives and best in-class product offerings by Pidilite.

                    Table of Content

 1.Introduction to Adhesion and its properties
 2.Waterborne Adhesives
 3.Properties of Acrylic Waterborne Adhesives
     a.Tack as a function of Temperature
     b.Bond Strength as a function of molecular weight
     c.Elastic Modulus as a function of Temperature
     d.Cohesive forces

4.Technological Trends
     a.Core Shell Copolymers
     b.Hybrid Acrylic Emulsion Polymers
5.Specific Application
     a.Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

     b.Lamination Adhesives

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